edited by Simone Maghenzani and Stefano Villani
Normierte Form: Maghenzani, Simone [Simone Maghenzani] Villani, Stefano [Stefano Villani] Nishikawa, Sugiko [Sugiko Nishikawa]
British Protestant missions and the conversion of Europe, 1600-1900

Normierte Form:

Routledge Studies in Early Modern Religious Dissents and Radicalism
New York

Normierte Form: New York [New York, NY]


Normierte Form: Routledge

9780429243691 ; 978-0-367-19851-0
289 pp.
Englische protestantische Mission - Europa - 1600-1900
Großbritannien - Beziehungen zu den Waldensern - 1600-1900
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK) - 1699-1740


 Il volume seguenti saggi che riguardano in parte la storia valdese

Simone Maghenzani and Stefano Villani, Introduction (pp. 1-12)

Simone Maghenzani, The English and the Italian Bible (pp. 102-118)

Sugiko Nishikawa, Between Anti-popery and European Missions: The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge  and its Networks (pp. 164-180)


Recensione: Riforma e movimenti religiosi (RMR), 10 (dicembre 2021), 339-344 [Massimo Rubboli]

This book is the first account of British Protestant conversion initiatives directed towards continental Europe between 1600 and 1900. Continental Europe was considered a missionary land-another periphery of the world, whose centre was imperial Britain. British missions to Europe were informed by religious experiments in America, Africa, and Asia, rendering these offensives against Europe a true form of 'imaginary colonialism'. British Protestant missionaries often understood themselves to be at the forefront of a civilising project directed at Catholics (and sometimes even other projects Protestants). Their mission was further reinforced by Britain becoming a land of compassionate refuge for European dissenters and exiles. This book engages with the myth of International Protestantism, questioning its early origins and its narrative of transnational belonging, while also interrogating Britain as an imagined Protestant land of hope and glory. In the history of western Christianities, 'converting Europe' had a role that has not been adequately investigated. This is the story of the attempted, and ultimately failed, effort to convert a continent.

Beitrag des Sammelbandes:
- The English and the Italian Bible