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Opera collettanea
ed. by Rosemary Horrox and Sarah Rees Jones
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Pragmatic utopias : ideals and communities, 1200-1630
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Cambridge University Press

Standard: [Cambridge University Press]

IX, 286


Preface Rosemary Horrox, Richard Barrie Dobson: an appreciation John Taylor,

1. 'If heaven be on this earth, is it in cloister or in school': the monastic ideal in later medieval English literature Derek Pearsall,

2. The 'chariot of Aminadab' and the Yorkshire priory of Swine Janet Burton,

3. 'Godliness and good learning': ideals and imagination in medieval university and college foundations Robert Swanson,

4. Hugh of Balsham, bishop of Ely 1256/7-1286 Roger Lovatt,

5. A cruel necessity? Christ's and St John's, two Cambridge re-foundations Malcolm Underwood,

6. Coventry's 'Lollard' programme of 1492 and the making of Utopia P. J. P. Goldberg,

7. Thomas More's Utopia and medieval London Sarah Rees Jones,

8. Social exclusivity or justice for all? Access to justice in fourteenth-century England Anthony Musson,

9. Idealising criminality: Robin Hood in the fifteenth century A. J. Pollard,

10. Fat Christian and Old Peter: ideals and compromises among the medieval Waldensians Peter Biller,

11. Imageless devotion: what kind of an ideal? Margaret Aston,

12. An English anchorite: the making, unmaking and remaking of Christine Carpenter Miri Rubin,

13. Victorian values in fifteenth-century England: the Ewelme almshouse statutes Colin Richmond,

14. Puritanism and the poor Patrick Collinson,

15. Realising a Utopian dream: the transformation of the clergy in the diocese of York, 1500-1630 Claire Cross,

Bibliography of Barrie Dobson's published works.


This collection of essays is presented to Barrie Dobson in celebration of his 70th birthday.

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- Fat Christian and Old Peter : Ideals and Compromises among the Medieval Waldensians