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[Charles Holte Bracebridge]
Standard: [Bracebridge, Charles Holte] [Brez, Jacques] [Arnaud, Henri]
Authentic details of the Valdenses, in Piemont and other countries : with abridged translations of "L'histoire des Vaudois" par Bresse, and La rentree glorieuse, d'Henri Arnaud, with the ancient Valdensian catechism : to which are subjoined original letters, written during a residence among the Vaudois of Piemont and Wirtemberg in 1825 : illustrated by etchings.
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Piccadilly, London

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John Hatchard and Son

Standard: [Hatchard, John]

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11 plates
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23 cm
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Arnaud, Henri (1643-1721) - Biografia
Arnaud, Henri (1643-1721) - Histoire de la Glorieuse Rentrée (1710)
Brez, Jacques (1771-1798) - Histoire des Vaudois
Colonie valdesi - Württemberg - Descrizioni e viaggi - 1825
Peyran, Jean Rodolphe (1751-1823)
Valli valdesi - Descrizioni e viaggi - 1825


Historic Details of the past Sufferungs of the Valdenses, and of the State of those primitvie Christians in Piemont and other Countries (1-10)

Letters, written during a Residence in Piemont [i.e Piedmont] and Wirtemberg (11-76)

Abridged Translation of the History of the Vaudous, By J. Bresse [i.e. Jacques Brez] (77-224 ). Appendix: Confession of faith, published by the Vaudois, in 1120;  Catechism of the Vaudois, composed by the barbes in the twelfth century (225-243)

Sketch of the Life of Henri Arnaud (245-253)

Abridged Translation of  Henri Arnaud, Histoire de la glorieuse rentrée des Vaudois (255-392)

A Sketch of the History of the German Valdenses (393-408)

Peyran's Letters on Bossuet (409-464)