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Karl Ubl
Standard: [Ubl, Karl]
Die österreichischen Ketzer aus der Sicht zeitgenössischer Theologen
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Handschriften, Historiographie und Recht : Winfried Stelzer zum 60.Geburtstag
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Valdesi - Austria (ducato) - 1200-1400


Karl Ubl: Austrian theologians and their views on contemporary heretics (Englisch abstract, p. 324)

Sources on heresy in Austria are especially rare. This contrasts with the opinion generally accepted by historians, that the duchy of Austria belonged to the central regions of heresy's spread during the 13th and 14th centuries. It therefore seems rewarding to examine the views of Austrian theologians on contemporary heretics. Writings by Engelbert of Admont, Berthold of Regensburg, Siboto of Wien, Nikolaus of Heiligenkreuz and Martin of Krems have been taken into account. Most of their statements on heresy are to be considered fictional debates, based primarily on commonplaces and clichés transmitted by literary sources as the Anonymous of Passau. For example, it can be shown that polemics against Cathars do not indicate the existence of a dualist heresy in Austria but rather the vexations of late-medieval theologians. The only heretical group which is clearly and originally reflected by the writings of Ausrian theologians are the Waldenses. Nonetheless, it is not at all evident that anyone except the Anonymous of Passau considered heresy to be the main challenge to pastoral care in Austria.