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Cathryn S. Dippo
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Welschneureut Church Records ; Welschneureut, Germany 1700-1809
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Bowie, Maryland 20716

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Heritage Books

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Ugonotti - Welschneureut - 1700-1809 - Registri del concistoro
Ugonotti - Welschneureut - Genealogie - 1700-1800
Valdesi - Baden-Wurttemberg - 1700-1900


At the end of the 17th century, Markgraf Friedrich Magnus invited French-speaking Calvinists-Huguenots, Walloons, and Waldenser to help repopulate essentially abandoned German land. One of these colonies was Welsch Neureut. Between 1699 and 1809, the evangelical reformed church at Welschneureut had twelve pastors. In addition, the pastor of Friedrichstal serviced the needs of Welschneureut between 1733 and 1738. This volume is designed as a companion to Friedrichstal Church Records 1698-1812. The author has transcribed these valuable records for births, baptisms, marriages, and deaths from microfilm, complete with the original page numbering and date indicators. She has tried to be faithful to the original French and German languages and spelling as much as possible. There are numerous entries in the Welschneureut church book (Livre du Venerable Consistoire de Müllebourg de Neureut) for many of the main families of Friedrichstal: Barié, Bonnet, Calmet, Crocol, Demarais, Giraud, Gorenflo, Herlan, Hornung, and Thibaut, to name a few. The most prevalent names in the Welschneureut church book are: Durand, Crocol, Gros or Groos, Marche, Clour, Buchleiter, Renaud, Racine, and Müller or Meunier. A fullname index augments the records.