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James H. Todd ; [Henry] Bradshaw
Standard: [Todd, James Henthorn] [Bradshaw, Henry] [Herbert, Algernon] [Gilly, William Stephen]
The books of the Vaudois : the Waldensian manuscripts preserved in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, etc. With an appendix, containing a correspondence (reprinted from the British Magazine) on the poems of the poor of Lyons, the antiquity and genuineness of the Waldensian literature and the supposed loss of the Morland Manuscripts at Cambridge. With Mr.Bradshaw's paper on his recent discovery of them.
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London ; Cambridge ; Dublin

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Macmillan and Co. : Hodges, Smith & Co.

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xvi, 242
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Manoscritti valdesi - Cambridge - Biblioteca universitaria
Manoscritti valdesi - Dublino - Trinity College Library
Manoscritti valdesi - Medioevo


The Waldensian manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College (p. 1) 

No. I. The New Testament, with the books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Cantica, Wisdom, and Ecclesiasticus, in the Romance or Waldensian dialect (Class A. Tab. 4, No. 13 Ex Biblioth. Usser.) (p. 1-7)

no. II. A collection of letters and other documents relating to the mission of George Maurel and Pierre Masson to Bucer and Oecolampadius (Class C. Tab. 5, No. 18 Ex Biblioth. Usser)  (p. 8-21)

no. III. A miscellaneous collection of prose tracts in the Romance or Waldensian patois (Class C. Tab. 5, No. 22 Ex Biblioth. Usser) (p. 22-42)

no. IV. Waldensian poems, and other tracts (Class C. Tab. 5, No. 21) -(p. 43-46)

no. V. Waldensian tracts (Class C. Tab 5, No. 25) (p. 47-53)

no. VI. A miscellaneous collection of prose tracts, entitled "Liber de peciosa cosa' (Class C. Tab. 5, No. 26)  (p. 54-64)--

no. VII. A volume of miscellaneous prose tracts (Class C. Tab. 4, No. 17) --

no. VIII. Waldensian documents, Diocese of Ambrun (Class C. Tab. 4, No. 18) (p. 65-68)

no. IX. Processus contra Waldenses (Class C. Tab. 1, No. 6) P. 74-89)

Appendix.(p. 91)

On the poems of the Poor of Lyons, No. I / Algernon Herbert  (p. 93-115)

Perrin's history of the Vaudois / S.R. Maitland (p. 116-125)

Date of the noble lesson / Algernon Herbert (p. 126-134)

On the poems of the Poor of Lyons, No. II / Algernon Herbert (p. 135-150)

Dr. Gilly's first letter on the "noble lesson" and Waldensian mss.  (p. 151-171)

On the poems of the Poor of Lyons: postscript to No. II / Algernon Herbert (p. 172-176)

On the poems of the Poor of Lyons, No. III (p. 177-186)

Dr. Gilly's second letter on the Waldensian mss. (p. 187-196)

Dr. Gilly's third letter on the Waldensian manuscripts (p. 197-208)

On the age of the Genevan ms. of the Noble Lesson, by J.H. Todd (p. 209)

Discovery of the long lost Morland manuscripts. in the Library of the University of C ambridge, by Henry Bradshaw (p. 210-224)

Indexes (p. 225)

Index of Waldensians Treatises (227-231)

Index of matters (232-242)