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Danilo Raponi
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Religion and politics in the Risorgimento : Britain and the new Italy, 1861-1875
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Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York

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Palgrave Macmillan

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xi, 302 p
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DOI 10.1057/9781137342980
Italia - Relazioni [con la] Gran Bretagna
Italia - Storia - 1815-1870
Questione romana - Storia - 1800-1900
SocietÓ biblica britannica e forestiera - Italia - Sec. 19.


Contents -Introduction: Britain and Italy, Religion and Politics p.1 -Italy as the 'European India': British orientalism, cultural imperialism, and anti-Catholicism, c. 1850-1870 p.36 -British missionary societies in Italy: evangelising a hostile land, 1850-1862 p.73 -Religion and foreign policy: from Unification to the 'desperate folly' of the Syllabus, 1861–1864 p.112 -British missionaries and Catholic reaction: searching the soul of the new nation, 1862-1872 p.139 -Protestant foreign relations and the last years of the Roman Question, 1865–1875 p.166 -Conclusion: 'Great' because Protestant, 'Oriental' because Catholic p.208


"This book examines Anglo-Italian political and cultural relations in the years of the 'Roman Question', and it analyses the impact and importance of religion in the construction of a British 'Orientalist' perception of Italy. It focuses on the British and Foreign Bibles Society's attempts to turn Italy into a Protestant nation, showing how perceived shortcomings in the national character of the Italians convinced the British that such 'Protestantisation' was necessary if Italy was ever to achieve nationhood. Their efforts encountered, however, strong popular and intellectual resistance from both the Italian people and the Catholic clergy, who called on Catholic Ireland to intervene in their defence. By looking at the interplay between religion and foreign policy, this book puts religion at the centre of a harsh political and cultural war, one that was fought on international, diplomatic, and domestic levels"