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by John Lockman
Standard: [Lockman, John]
A history of the cruel sufferings of the protestants, and others, by Popish persecutions, in various countries : together with a view of the reformations from the Church of Rome. Interspersed with the Barbarities of the Inquisition, By Question and Answer. Faithfully compiled from a great Number of Authors in different Languages, By John Lockman, Secretary to the Society of the Free British Fishery: Author of the History of England, and Roman History, by Question and Answer. Writ principally for Schools: and being intended as a Preservative from Popery and arbitrary Power, may be of Use in all Protestant Families,
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xii, 345, [27] p
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In -12


 History of the persecutions of the Waldenses and Albigenses (pp. 238-248)


Seconda edizione:   [Dublin] : London: printed. And, Dublin: re-printed by J. Potts, at Swift's-Head, in Dame-Street, M,DCC,LXIII. [1763].  xii,343,[27];14p).

Per il contenuto si veda Giovanni Tarantino, Gli eccidi dei valdesi, pp. 79 ss.