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John Foxe ; Paul Wright
Standard: [Wright, Paul] [Foxe, John ]
The New and Complete Book of Martyrs, or: An Universal History of Martyrdom. Being Fox's Book of Martyrs, Revised and Corrected, with Additions and Great Improvements. Containing not only a New, Copious, Complete, Universal and Authentic Account of the Lives, Actions, Characters, Trials, Religious Principles, Sufferings, Tortures, and Triumphant Deaths, of the English Protestant Martyrs, in the Reign of Queen Mary the First, but also A Genuine, Full, and Circumstantial History of all the dreadful and cruel Persecutions against the Church of Christ, in all parts of the World, by Papists, Pagans, Jews, Turks, and others, from the very Earliest Ages of the Church to the Present Period. The whole originally composed by the Rev. Mr. John Fox, ... now revised, corrected and improved, ... by Paul Wright, ... Embellished with ... uncommonly high-finished copper-plates
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Standard : [London]

Printed for Alex. Hogg

Standard: [Hogg, Alexander]

951 [= 699] p.
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In folio
Protestantesimo - Martirologi - 1500-1600
Valdesi - Persecuzioni - Piemonte - 1655 - Iconografia


Edizione online:  Farmington Hills, Mich : Cengage Gale, 2009. Collana: Eighteenth Century Collections Online

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