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Jean Louise Kilpatrick
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The history and use of music in the Waldensian Church - Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Sacred Music in the Union Theological Seminary
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April 1, 1947
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New York

Standard : [New York]

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Biblioteca SSV Torre Pellice OPG/K-L 1/7
Chiesa evangelica valdese
Tesi di laurea
Valdesi - Musica sacra


A survey of waldensian history

Music in the waldensian church from its early year until the Reformatio (c. 1175-1532)

The period of the Psalms (1532-1848)

The music of the Psalm Music in the Waldensian Church since 1848

Hymnals for the sunday schools

Development of sacred song and foundation of choral societies Introduction of instruments into the churches

The waldensian liturgy


Tesi di laurea Union Theological Seminary New York