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Caterina Bruschi
Standard: [Bruschi, Caterina]
The Wandering Heretics of Languedoc
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Cambridge University Press

Standard: [Cambridge University Press]

IX, , 222 p.
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24 cm
Catari - Linguadoca - 1200-1400
Predicatori itineranti - 1100-1300
Predicatori itineranti catari
Valdesi - Languedoc - 1200-1400



1. Stories, and how to read them

2. Catharism and its mobility

3. Heretical itinerancy

4. Patterns of fear and risk

Conclusions (and starting points)

Bibliography (p. 198-214)


Cambridge studies in medieval life and thought. 4th series [vol. 73]

Paperback edition, Cambridge 2012 (ISBN: 978-0-521-18227)

 Sui valdesi, pp. 56s., 107-127

How should historians read sources which record inquisitorial trials in the Middle Ages? How can we understand the fears felt by those on trial? By analysing six volumes of depositions in the trial of Cathar and Waldensian heretics in Languedoc between the late twelfth and the fourteenth century, in this 2009 book, Caterina Bruschi challenges old methodologies in the study of dissent. She examines the intrinsic narratological problems related to the sources and, using approaches from the social sciences, analyses the different fears felt by deponents and how those fears affected their actions and decisions. In so doing, she sheds light on itinerancy within the ecclesial structure of non-conformist movements and contextualises the problem of itinerancy as a benchmark for the definition of heresy. Focusing on the lives and attitudes of trial witnesses, this innovative account is a major contribution to our understanding of the nature of religious non-conformity in the Middle Ages.