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Waldensian Manuscripts from Trinity College, Dublin
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Standard: [IDC Publishers]

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Dublino - Trinity College
Manoscritti valdesi - Dublino - Trinity College Library - Cataloghi


The Waldensian manuscripts at Trinity College date from the 15th to the 17th century. They include poems, sermons and tracts, as well as a Waldensian Bible. Other documents deal with the examination and sentencing of Waldensian “heretics”. The manuscripts are described in T.K. Abbott:  Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, p. 38-40 (ms. 258-269).

Bible. N.T. Occitan. 1522.

[Waldensian Bible : New Testament, with proverbs, ecclesiastes, canticles, wisdom, and ecclesisticus, in the Waldensian dialect]


178 leaves.

Abbott* 258

6 microfiches.        

IDC Publishers Order no. WMS-1

[Waldenses : Papers relating to them : Letters and other documents relating to the mission of Geo. Maurel and Pierre Masson to Bucer and Oecolampadius in 1530]


128 p.

Abbott 259

3 microfiches.        

IDC Publishers Order no. WMS-2

[Waldensian Prose Tracts].


391 leaves.

Abbott 260

14 microfiches.      

IDC Publishers Order no. WMS-3

[Waldensian poems and tracts].


185 leaves.

Abbott 261

7 microfiches.        

IDC Publishers Order no. WMS-4

[Waldensian tracts].


208 p.

Abbott 262

4 microfiches.        

IDC Publishers Order no. WMS-5

[Waldensian prose tracts].


120 leaves.

Abbott 263

5 microfiches.        

IDC Publishers Order no. WMS-6

Waldensium. tractatus tres, veterê lingua Occitanicâ conscripti : I. Glosa sobre lo Pater Nostre. II. De las 4 cosas que son a venir. III. Verger de consolacion. Expositio orationis Dominicae, De quator norissimis. Virga consolationis.


138 leaves.

Abbott 264

3 microfiches.        

IDC Publishers Order no. WMS-7

[Waldensian documents, diocese of Ambrun].


33 leaves.

Abbott 265

2 microfiches.        

IDC Publishers Order no. WMS-8

[Processus contra Waldenses].

A.D. 1522.

143 leaves.

Abbott 266

5 microfiches.        

IDC Publishers Order no. WMS-9

[Waldensian tracts].


409 leaves.

Abbott 267

15 microfiches.      

IDC Publishers Order no. WMS-10

Tractatus contra peccata varia.


78 leaves.

Abbott 269

3 microfiches.        

IDC Publishers Order no. WMS-11



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